5 Most Amazing future gadgets

Everyone wants cool and compact gadgets these days. So, prepare yourself to get some of the new high technology toys that are coming in the future to make your life easier. Below is a list of some most amazing future gadgets.

1. Google Glasses:

Google has provided so much to the Internet that there will be no surprise to know that they are working hard to create a gadget that you can use in the real world. The name of the gadget is Google glasses.  These glasses have the ability to put a screen in front of your eyes in which you can do so many things that a cell phone could. You can take pictures, make videos etc. It also has 4G technology and a Bluetooth connection. This will be one more major contribution of Google to the internet.

2. Smart Skin Phones:

Samsung has always copied the looks as well as features of their phones from Apple rather than innovating their own. However that will be changed when they release their own newest invention. They are actually working dedicatedly to have a patent for “Smart Skin Phones.” These smartphones will be able to take any image and display it as the cover of your cell phone.

3. Basis Band:

Health plays an important role in everyone’s life, so wouldn’t it be great to  have a device that could tell if you were healthy or not? An amazing future gadget Basis band will provide you with a facility to know about your health. This is a watch-like device that will tell you your heartbeat, calories burned, sleeping patterns and much more. This device will definitely be helpful for us to avoid the doctor’s office.

4. Bendy Screen Smartphones:

Samsung has two devices in this list to attract people towards their company. As a future gadget they will be offering a bendy screen smartphone. This smartphone will be able to bend backwards and forward and also twist like a piece of taffy.

5. Xbox 720:

Xbox 720 is the gaming system and you will be seeing it everywhere in future. This is a handy device that you can carry anywhere. You can download any type of game on this amazing device.

Also the graphics of the games will be the same as the movie Avatar.

All these future gadgets will be providing so many facilities to people. You will also be amazed to see how technology is reaching beyond your expectations.

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